An Easy Way to Save Money on Your Food Bill

Shopping for food is one of the major weekly costs for most families. As our supermarkets invest more and more money into the science of buying they are able to offer the basic products for less money because they can tempt you to add a few high price, high profit items into your basket every week. 먹튀사이트

We have been looking at some ways to reduce your temptation levels (only if you want to of course) and see what effect it can have on your shopping bill.

Next time you are at the supermarket, try these few tips and see how your bill compares –

Never go food shopping on an empty stomach.
When you are hungry your body is actively seeking out high calorie food to eat. It is a simple survival instinct, but a supermarket is the worst place to be having it. All that delicious food can literally be hypnotic to you as you walk around.

Try to by a cheaper version of the item you pick up first.
Now for many people luxury is a choice, for example you may not want to buy the cheapest toilet roll. However, there are many products such as bathroom cleaner which will have many brands at many price options. Try the cheaper brand than the one you usually buy. If you do this during your whole shop, you can save big money.

Look at the tops and bottom of the shelves when walking down the aisle.
Our supermarkets know how to work the eye level shelves so that they can direct you to their biggest money-spinners without you even realising it. Cheaper alternative products are usually placed up high or on the lower shelves. Have a look at see what I mean next time you are there and you could make more savings.

Try a different supermarket, or local shops
Humans are creatures of habit, once we get used to going to one certain shop it usually means that we will shop there again and again. Have you compared the price of the meat for example at your local butcher? You might be surprised to find that it is a better deal once you take the quality in to account. Local shops need local customers to survive, so go out of their way to bring you the best quality and price that they can.

Search for coupons before you shop
Did you know that many supermarkets would take coupons even if the item the coupon is for were not even in your basket? Try it next time. If you don’t like that idea then keep an eye out for coupons for your favourite products.

There you have it a few easy ways to reduce your food-shopping bill. Now what are you going to treat yourself to with that extra money each month?

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