Computer games are seen as useless and harmful by many parents because of the distraction of students and the thought that they affect their development negatively due to violent games. Actually, it is useful to look back to our youth before thinking that they are unfair, I guess they are not that wrong. Nevertheless, by saying that everything is good in its decision, let’s not blame the parents nor go over the students who enjoy playing games.

When talking about parents and their point of view on games, we can say that they are overprotective. However, when we consider the game videos that have become widespread on the internet recently and the people playing games in these videos, it does not escape our attention that these people are actually parents or adults. Or are computer games no longer for children and going to very different places?

It Is Not Easy To Satisfy the Players this increasing interest and desire

Technological innovations for gamers and gamerstowards computer games oblige companies and hardware companies that are manufacturers in the gaming industry to conduct research and development studies on this subject. You might guess that the fact that each game is better than the previous one is something that is demanded by the player base, but it is very difficult for game companies.

The more important the content of a game, the more important the image and sound quality of that game. Game enthusiasts also want to use different hardware and better game platforms in order to make the time they play more fun. Likewise, the need for higher performance working environments is increasing for game developers to produce better quality games.

For example, 4K technology, the need for high resolution images, is among the major factors affecting the game and player world. Likewise, these technologies are used in new televisions, phone screens and cameras. In other words, a technology that we think actors need can find a use in every part of life. It raises the following question in such developments;

Do computer games and gaming technologies guide future technologies? Is the trend of technology markets shifting towards the playing field?

What Are the Reflections of Game Technologies on Our Daily Life?

To give an example of a more professional life, let’s say you are an employee of a workplace but you work at your home instead of an office environment. At the same time, you have a few other colleagues like you and you are holding the meetings you need to do with all of them over video conferencing. During this meeting, your eyes got caught in a book in another friend’s room and you lost all your attention or a distraction, object, light in your room at that moment caused you to be distracted or you could not fully adapt to the environment. In such a case, it offers a solution proposal for virtual meeting rooms for years to come.

The meeting participants will be transferred to a virtual meeting hall with the three-dimensional glasses and body connections they use, and just like a movie scene, everyone will be able to see each other’s virtual images in this room. We don’t claim to be completely realistic, but imagine yourself in a meeting room from your seat at home. In this hall, where tables, chairs and participants are located, you will be able to pay attention to the meeting and make presentations if you wish.

These three-dimensional kits, which are currently used for gaming, are planned to be integrated in a way that people can use in their daily lives in the future.

Another example is that vehicle companies can test and test the vehicles or materials they produce in a virtual environment by using computer-based production and control techniques. He can observe how his vehicles appear in different scenarios by using them in suitable games.

With the help of technologies developed based on different simulation games, virtual dressing booths can be created, and you can find the opportunity to try an item you want to buy in your virtual apartment. It is also aimed to use these technologies for educational purposes. With golf games that can be played virtually and sports activities, people can participate in sports activities they want in the home environment.

Faster computers, operating systems, graphics cards and larger memory structures developed in line with all these technologies also constitute the present and future goals of hardware companies.

As you can see, the efforts of individuals who come up with games to internalize with technology both direct technology and bring different approaches to make people’s lives easier